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Add:N0 166, West Liupanshan Rd.xixia District ,Yinchuan,Ningxia,China.
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    Ningxia Yinxing Energy Co., Ltd. (NYEC) was established in 1959 and has 50-year-long machinery manufacturing history till now. It is one of key national hi-tech enterprises, has built State-level new industrialization exemplary base, owning state-level enterprise’s technology center, post-doctoral research station, regional wind power equipment engineering research center and photovoltaic technology research center.It was listed in Shenzhen stock exchange in 1998(Stock Code: 00082).

    It runs two main businesses which are renewable energy generation and renewable energy equipment manufacturing. Five wind farms have been built (Changshantou, Hongsipu, Mahuangshan, Dashuikeng, Dazhanchang) with installed capacity of 450MW. Wuzhong Sunjiatan photovoltaic power generation project which installed capacity of 20MW is under construction now. The renewable energy equipment manufacturing consists of wind power equipment manufacturing and solar photovoltaic power equipment manufacturing. The annual production capacity of each industry has respectively reached 1000MW of wind turbine generators, 700 sets of tower,1000MW of gear boxes,200MWp of photovoltaic cells,400MWp of solar modules and 500MWp of solar trackers. By 2011, it has total assets of 5 billion CNY with 736 employees.

    The company has set up 12 branches/subsidiaries which are Wind Power Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Wind Power Generation Equipment Component Branch, Photovoltaic Cell Manufacturing Branch, Zhongning (Yanchi) Wind Power Branch, Wind Power Detection and Maintenance Company, Photovoltaic Equipment Manufacturing Company, Wuzhong Renewable Energy Branch, Photovoltaic Power Generation Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (holding 55%), Ningxia Yinyi Wind Power Generation Co., Ltd. (holding 50%), Ishibashi Gearbox(Yinchuan) Co., Ltd. (holding 46.88%), Ningxia Yinxing Polysilicon Limited Liability Company (40%, shares) ,Wuzhong Instrument Co., Ltd. (20% shares) .

Add :No 166,West Liupanshan Rd,Xixia District,Yinchuan,Ningxia,China.   

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